August 19, 2011

Citi and Best Buy's new Mobile app: One step closer to true m-commerce


Citi ThankYou Rewards recently launched a mobile application that enables users to buy Best Buy products in-store by using their rewards points.

As customers shop in a Best Buy retail store, they can scan the barcodes of the merchandise they want to purchase and the app will display how many points are needed for each item. Then,  if the customer decide to purchase the product, they can add the product to a virtual cart and a confirmation email will be sent to customer's email account, directing them to the in-store pickup counter at Best Buy to get their merchandise.

As one of Mashery's early customers, Best Buy has always been an innovator in leveraging APIs and mobile possibilities to create the most relevant customer experiences.  We're excited to see Best Buy and Citibank taking yet another step forward towards the true mobile commerce where customers can buy any of Best Buy products with whatever device and in whatever context is most convenient to the customer. 

Mashery believes that APIs will be the key connectors between not only multi-channel (or omni-channel) experiences but these exciting new channels that are actually inter-company channels buoyed by the untethered freedom made possible by mobile. To the customer these 'evolving channels' translate into this: I just scanned a barcode with my phone and got that product for 'free' using my Citi Reward points.

With millions of connected devices multiplying to billions (and an estimated trillion by 2012), the future of eCommerce - nay Commerce- is about being able to distribute the buying experience to whatever channels, devices or context is most relevant to consumers. Wherever, whenever, however.

Again, congratulations to Best Buy for once again helping to make visions of the future a reality.