June 24, 2011

"Checking In" to Chekov - Foursquare Reaches 10 Million Users


Remember how in episodes of Star Trek, the crew of the Enterprise (choose your favorite), would always know the location of brave crew members daring to go down to the unknown planet to meet the strange, odd and exotic.  Essentially, these crew members were sending "Push Notifications" of their whereabouts and "Checking In" to their location. Flipping to reality, we are all letting our personal crew know of our location thanks to geo-location apps such as FourSquare.

This week, Foursquare is celebrating it's 10 Millionth user, a 1000% annual growth according to SearchEngineWatch.com.  What this means to the new social technologist is that its' community is growing strong.

Here are some thoughts:

1. The true adoption of the smart phone. More and more people are using smart phones and the apps which leverage them (See Blog Post by Mashery's Director of Product Marketing, Andy Raskin)

2. Local Vendors + Checking In = Local Discounts - Consumers are finding out that they can save at places they typically spend their time and money by letting the vendor know they are at that location.

3. Partnerships are expanding beyond the FourSquare App and API - New channels for multiple businesses are forming thanks to Foursquare. Mashery customer Yellow Pages Group (YPG), Canada's leading performance media and marketing solutions company, announced it will participate in Foursquare's venue harmonization project, enabling a whole new breed of location-based apps. Read details regarding the announcement.

From "checking in" to get free tacos at a local taco truck to kids letting their parents know they have arrived at a friends house, geo-lcation, and company's like Foursquare, are allowing all to seek out new lifeforms and civilizations - to boldly go to where we've never gone before. Let's hope the ensign Chekov's in our lives are watching!