April 06, 2012

Bright Minds at Mashery


This morning Mashery was honored to host a group of bright young students from Miami University of Ohio who are spending a semester immersed in Bay Area tech startup life as part of the AIMS San Francisco Digital Innovation Center. These students are each interning at a local startup, so perhaps it’s fitting that our discussion turned quickly to beginnings. We shared with our guests the story of how Mashery started with the vision our co-founder and CEO Oren Michels had of creating business value from APIs -- used in a way that is both strategic in the design of how they fit within the business, and strategic in the design of an API's consumption. The story involves some great ideas, great execution and even some great failing forward along the way. Cut to the present - our philosophy for API Management remains true to our founders’ vision of a holistic approach to combining three elements: strategy, management and distribution. As big brands adopt more APIs every day, the breadth of current API implementations requires broad strategy to achieve a broader set of goals, using a growing cast of characters: partners, developers, affiliates, apps, devices, and more. Our guests had a variety of insightful questions - What’s next in this market? When will APIs be part of Main St. vernacular? Why do major media brands adopt APIs? Why is a company like this so likely to thrive in the Bay Area? These are all terrific questions from bright minds poised to create and execute tomorrow’s great ideas. We are glad to have played a part.