October 01, 2012

BAPI San Francisco and API University 2012


We’ve all read about tech superstars who dropped out of college or never bothered to go at all, before launching successful startups. In the real world it helps to know a little about what’s actually out there. 

Tomorrow, we are kicking off our Business of APIs Conference (BAPI) at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco with API Univeristy. It’s a half-day comprising of three educational sessions around API management & API security, the strategies that best achieve platform business goals, and ways to generate developer interest and activity in your platform.

This is a market that has truly accelerated only recently. Last year saw more growth in APIs than the previous seven combined

As a result, while the business does involve a learning curve and we’re all somewhere along that axis, some are probably further along than others. 

The sessions are designed specifically to meet those criteria—they’re short, focused and packed with information.

API strategies represent the best of the Internet world in that they’re limited only by imagination. 

That said, we live in the real world of business, with best practices, operational guidelines and profit-margin scrutiny. Therefore, what we can do needs to be balanced against the more prosaic question of what we should do—and that’s what the BAPI conference is all about.  

Of course, it’s not just about classwork—the list of attendees and speakers reads like a who’s who of API innovation, from Best Buy and Cisco to Forbes and Klout. These are people who have already been doing what many others are just getting around to—and that’s a nicely exclusive club. 

From educational sessions to insider briefings from executives who have achieved veteran status in a very short time to networking sessions that allow free-form conversations and contacts—that’s the world of BAPI, from San Francisco to New York to London. 

Join us.