Mark Loewenstein | Sr. Product Marketing Manager
November 21, 2013

BAPI Insights:’s Peter Coffee Stresses the Importance of Data-Rich API Programs


Peter Coffee, VP and Head of Platform Research at, took the stage last month at our Business of APIs conference in New York, to share his insights on API best practices. Coffee discussed how the proliferation of data and connected devices has fundamentally changed the way people should design and interact with platform tools. He also challenged companies to identify the underlying reason developers want their API and focus on serving that need in order to enable qualitatively different and useful creations.

Coffee further highlighted the notion that context is continuously changing and emphasized the importance of designing APIs that are flexible enough to answer questions that have yet to be asked. Companies should support their platforms with tools, documentation and events to empower developers to create impactful use cases that leverage the API, thereby creating genuine differentiation and further enabling the ecosystem.

Other key takeaways from Coffee’s presentation include:

  • Why APIs are critically important to being an attractive social partner to a company’s ecosystem.
  • How APIs that center around verbs rather than nouns relentlessly focuses the company’s attention on maximizing the user experience and enables greater flexibility.
  • How platform leadership is attained when an API becomes the language of an ecosystem.
  • Understanding the importance of the shift in orientation from data querying to data discovery. continues to invest heavily in APIs and has adopted a mantra of ‘API first.’ Only after an API is fully functional will the company build a UI on top of it. With a record 31.5 billion API calls in the month of September, knows a thing or two about what it takes to support a successful API program.

Check out Coffee's presentation below and let us know if we can help you support your successful API.