May 14, 2012

Apps We Like! - TechRecs


Have you checked out Mashery's latest Apps We Like? Each week we will be posting 4 new applications (Monday through Thursday), featuring some of the greatest apps built on the powerful APIs of Mashery customers.

App of the Day: TechRecs

Powered by the API, TechCrunch will provide a new way for Disrupt NYC attendees to meet one another and network during this year's event. The new service -- TechRecs, will examine each conference attendee's personality traits, demographics and rare interests, and provide relevant recommendations on who they should meet during the event. With the capability to efficiently compare personality traits, rare interests, life-stage & demographics, the API provides organizations a perfect way to measure relevance between brands, individuals and messaging.

Go check out the app and see who you are matched up with to meet!

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