April 12, 2012

Apps We Like! - Simple.TV


Have you checked out Mashery's latest Apps We Like? Each week we will be posting 4 new applications (Monday through Thursday), featuring some of the greatest apps built on the powerful APIs of Mashery customers. App of the Day: Simple.TV The Simple.TV DVR replaces your existing cable box with a smaller, less power-hungry device. It's a powerful HD tuner and DVR in one simple package, powered by the Rovi Corp's API. Just connect an external USB hard drive for storage, plug in your TV and Ethernet cables and complete the setup with your PC or Mac browser. You'll be able to watch live TV on any connected device and can store hundreds of hours of terrific television programming for later viewing. We think Simple.TV is the perfect companion app for Netflix and Hulu. We also love the fact that Simple.TV won at this year's Best of Show at CES! To check out more great apps powered by Mashery customers and partners, click here. ----- Want to be featured in our next batch of Apps We Like? Please send your submissions to tiffany@mashery.com with the name of the app, a description of it, and a link to the app. Your nomination just might be the next star!