June 08, 2012

Apps We Like! - ShopWise Canada


Have you checked out Mashery's Apps We Like? Each week we will be featuring 2 new amazing applications built on the powerful APIs of Mashery customers.

App of the Day: ShopWise Canada

Powered by the Yellow Pages Group API, ShopWise Canada uses your location to find the hottest deals and all the daily deals around you. With daily deal sites and app as one of the new "in" thing, we're sure you don't want to miss out on ShopWise.

One of our favorite aspects about this app is not just the provision of the best local deals in town, but even moreso for its ability to notify users of sales happening at retail stores they're particularly interested in. The app lets users search and find deals on products and services you love, and can notify you if the products you flagged are on sale near you, even when your phone is not in hand. It's like having your favorite stores come to you to let you in on the latest and greatest deals and discounts. If anything, this will definitely be a time-saver for your summer shopping. We believe that saving time and money can never be too good of a thing -- wouldn't you agree?

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