June 04, 2012

Apps We Like! - Qup.tv


Have you checked out Mashery's Apps We Like? Each week we will be featuring 2 new amazing applications built on the powerful APIs of Mashery customers.

App of the Day: Qup.tv

Powered by the Rotten Tomatoes API and the Netflix API. The new service, Qup.tv, is a simple service that will send you email alerts when Netflix adds new titles to its streaming catalog, and allows users to rate, queue or watch them with a single click. Crowned as the winning hack at this past weekend's Hack the Midwest 24-hour hackathon event in Kansas City, Missouri, Qup.tv was created by developer Michael Bleigh. You can read some of Bleigh's top tips for hackathon participants here.

Congrats to all hackers who participated!

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