March 28, 2012

Apps We Like! - DiscovrMovies


Have you checked out Mashery's latest Apps We Like? Each week we will be posting 4 new applications (Monday through Thursday), featuring some of the greatest apps built on the powerful APIs of Mashery customers. App of the Day: DiscovrMovies Wondering what movie to watch this weekend? Have no fear DiscovrMovies will help you decide what movies you should watch based on similar movies you like. DiscovrMovies utilizes not one, but TWO awesome APIs: Rotten Tomatoes and Rovi Corp. The app, which runs on the iPhone and iPad mobile devices, is essentially an interactive map of the world of movies that's absolutely appealing to the eyes. DiscovrMovies makes it 10x more fun to discover new movies to watch on rainy days and Friday nights. With DiscovrMovies, you can navigate through the entire interconnected ecosystem of hundreds of thousands of movies and find new movies that are similar to movies that you like. Here at Mashery, we've become huge fans of this app, which makes discovering new movies just as fun to search as it is to watch! To check out more great apps powered by Mashery customers and partners, click here. ----- Want to be featured in our next batch of Apps We Like? Please send your submissions to with the name of the app, a description of it, and a link to the app. Your nomination just might be the next star!