August 21, 2012

Apps Grant Wishes: Find Me Hotel Deals


In the past year, we’ve seen a surge in mobile devices and smartphones plunging into mainstream, giving millions of people the capability to browse the Internet, watch movies and stream music anywhere, without ever having to find a place to sit down and boot up a laptop or desktop. In fact, in a recent Gartner report, worldwide sales of mobile phones to end users reached a whopping 419 million units in the second quarter of 2012, where open OS smartphone devices made up over 36.7% of all mobile device sales.

With this overwhelming growth in mobile device usage, in what has been coined the ‘post-website’ era, we’ve also seen a tremendous surge of new apps. According to a Nielsen blog post, in just a year, the average number of apps per smartphone has jumped 28 percent from 32 apps to 41. Not only is the 2012 smartphone owner just downloading more apps, they are also increasingly spending more time using them versus using the mobile web. And, of course, the construction of apps relies on the power of APIs and other sources of data.

For this reason, we believe that “Apps Grant Wishes”. More powerful than the tooth fairy, and more real than your dreams, APIs fuel the ‘App Economy’ which enables people around the world to connect, build businesses, help others and in the end, make life a little bit easier.

To showcase the amplifying affect a solid API can have on a business’s mobile platform development and overall success, we here at Mashery have created an amazing application directory, which stocks up on the latest and greatest apps powered by our customers.

In the month of July, we highlighted some great apps that range on a variety of themes and categories. This past month, we were able to discover apps related to some great charities like Heifer International and Compassion International. A great example of a Heifer powered app is End Hunger, which allows users to join the fight against hunger by helping communities and families worldwide become self-sufficient and self-reliant via gifts of livestock, seeds, trees and training. Additionally, there were also a few summer special apps built around the news and sports coverage about the London 2012 Olympics like IFTTT’s ESPN Olympics Coverage recipes and Reuters Olympics London 2012 app. This month’s fan favorite app is the Find Me Hotel Deals app, which is powered by the Hotwire API. With Find Me Hotel Deals, users are able to find hotels on their iPhone and iPad and then make their purchases seamlessly through Hotwire.

Have a favorite Mashery powered application? Be sure to send your submissions here!