Neil Mansilla | Director, Developer Platform and Partnerships
January 31, 2012

API Match Maker - Developer Connect


The growth in the number of web service APIs is staggering. Programmable Web's directory of APIs has nearly 5,000 entries with hundreds of new platforms being added monthly. Gartner predicts that by 2014, 75% of Fortune 1000 companies will open public APIs. Where will your company find the expertise to build successful application integration with these platforms? The required skills and experience may not be within the walls of your organization, and hiring a new employee may not be within your budget.

Call in the specialists
While web service generalists have the basic skills to lay down the connective pipelines, you would prefer to work with developers that possess real experience building integrations with specific APIs that match your requirements. Doing so can help boost project velocity, decrease costs by avoiding pitfalls while cutting teeth and increase likelihood of overall success. And now, finding these API specialists may just be a few mouse clicks away.

Coupling skills + opportunities
Mashery has collaborated with Elance to create Developer Connect -- a way for API integration specialists to discover freelance software projects that require API integration expertise. Software projects posted to Elance by businesses are described and tagged with skills that are desired, most commonly programming languages. However, with the huge increase of web services and related technologies, the skills are being described with much finer granularity. For example, listed along side Java, Ruby, HTML and PHP, are API platform specific skills such as Facebook Connect, Twitter,, Google Maps API and

Your API as a skill
I believe that this increase in skill specificity is just beginning. Today, if I were seeking a freelance developer to help integrate the Dun & Bradstreet Direct API into my product, I would look for someone who had a solid track record working with SOAP web services. However, as more developers gain experience utilizing the platform, the D&B API will eventually become a named skill on its own, used in both developer profiles and project requirements.

Mashery is committed to helping platforms succeed. Part of that success formula is Mashery helping developers discover the values and opportunities that a platform offers. Another part is Mashery helping the platform provider reach a large and growing number of seasoned API consumers. Developer Connect is just one of our strides in that direction, helping match API developers with API integration projects.