September 18, 2011

API Hackday ATX


Last weekend, Mashery had the honor of sponsoring and attending API Hackday ATX, an API-centric hackathon located near downtown Austin, Texas. The event was hosted at Conjuctured's workspace, and was also sponsored by the greatness of Hoovers (a Mashery client), Infochimps, Twilio, Cloudera, and SendGrid.

Not only did Austin have fantastic weather on Saturday, but the turnout for the hackathon was wonderful as well. More than thirty hackers attended the Saturday event, making Conjuctured a full house!
Prior to the hacking, Mashery demoed an example of their new I/O Docs API Explorer using Hoovers and Klout APIs. Several hackers asked about the product and gave their own feedback, and were very interested to know that an open source version of I/O Docs, written in NodeJS, was available for public consumption.
After eight hours of coding, powered by pizza and Chameleon Cold-Brew goodness, six applications using a variety of APIs where submitted. SMSCal, an app that allows scheduling of notes and events via text messaging, took home not only Twilio's Best App, but the grand prize as well. Great job, Chris!
The winners of the Mashery API Best Hack were awarded with a Jawbone JAMBOX in Mashery Red, as well as illustrious Mashery USB Thumbdrive/Beer Openers. The winning hack, cleverly named Application Trail, used Expedia's EAN API and Google Maps to present a view of vacant hotels along the Appalachian Trail, useful for weary hikers with cell reception. The team of five included Jeff Linwood, Parker Seidel, Joe LeBlanc, Alex Addison, and Peter Joseph. Congratulations!
Keep Austin Weird, hackers!