April 17, 2012

Announcing Mashery API Packager: Manage Your APIs as Products


The most interesting 2012 trend in enterprise API management? It's that folks outside IT increasingly want in the game. New companies are forming around the idea of APIs as products, fueling the Data-as-a-Service model. Enterprise business development execs are negotiating custom API access for partners. Mobile apps managers want to build custom API access for internal dev teams and outside agencies.

That's why today Mashery is excited to announce Mashery API Packager, a new module in the Mashery Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solution that lets enterprise IT departments empower business-side colleagues to create and deploy packages of API methods, rate limits, and content filters. All without writing any code. Leveraging Mashery's experience managing over 150 leading API programs, Mashery API Packager embodies Mashery's philosophy that APIs are now full-fledged products, and an API management solution must support the entire enterprise in delivering a secure, high-performance digital distribution platform that contributes measurable business value.

With Mashery API Packager, API partnerships happen faster, API access can be customized for maximum mutual benefit, and IT remains in control. Interested in learning more about Mashery API Packager? Submit a contact form or email us at sales@mashery.com.