November 03, 2011

AmEx Kicks Off NY Hackathon with APIs Running on Mashery


AmEx's OPEN Forum provides small business owners a best-in-class platform to connect and collaborate. Bringing together a variety of tools, exclusive articles, videos, and industry insights, OPEN Forum is invaluable when improving your business and keeping pace with the industry. 

Recognizing the value of this rich content, OPEN Forum has produced its first public APIs in partnership with Mashery.  The developer portal, which hosts the APIs, provides developers access to API key registration and innovative tools such as I/O Docs.  

With the aim of solving the problems SBOs face, the developer community can now explore innovative new apps and mashups with the OPEN Forum content.   This weekend in New York City, these innovative new apps can become a reality at the Reinventing Local Business - General Assembly Hackathon. 

In attendance will be a diverse set of attendees such as designers, engineers, UI developers, entrepreneurs, and most importantly - Small Business Owners themselves.  The line-up of API sponsors is one of the best we've seen.  As of today the list of participating API partners include: 

We are very excited to see what comes out of this inspiring event at @GA .  To further motivate the developer teams, OPEN Forum is sponsoring several prizes for those apps which can best aid the local business owner. To celebrate the hard work and collaboration of the participants, prizes of $2000 each will be presented to teams selected by our judges.  The categories are:

  • Coolest Hack (Judge's Choice)
  • Best Use of Location
  • Best Local Customer Acquisition App
  • Best Small Business App (business owner's choice)

In addition, Mashery will be offering Jawbone Jamboxes for the winning team that best utilizes the OPEN Forum APIs.  

The all-star list of judges for the event include our Mashery CEO, Oren Michels, Richard Blakely of Thrillist, Scott Roen of AmEx, and Hilary Mason the Chief Scientist at Bitly. We are still looking for more hackers to attend.  

Please register hereLet your friends know about this great event at @GA , one of the most unique collaborative workspaces in the city.  Tweet it here.  

We'll be using hashtag #reinventlocal. We hope to see you there!