July 16, 2014

All Good Things…


They don’t need to come to an end, but we can certainly make them better!  And coming soon, we are. We are bringing together the market and product strengths of Mashery, Aepona, and Intel Expressway, and you’ll see and experience us as a new brand: Intel® Services. And, we’ll bring our Intel® Mashery™ API products and services to market to support our new name.

Coming Soon

We’re launching a new website at services.intel.com that provides an overview of our integrated portfolio and sets up the next evolution of API management: one flexible platform for the connected enterprise. 

You’re getting a sneak peek and some insider information on what’s coming up, but we want to let you all know that you’ll see our presence in the market with a new website, and new naming and branding; but with all of the familiarity and strength of the products that you have come to know and appreciate from Mashery, Aepona, and Intel Expressway. 

Stay tuned to see how we evolve and create even greater value for our customers, as we capitalize on our unique capabilities as Intel Services. We are excited about the opportunity that lies ahead, and we want to hear from you along the journey—so let us know what you think!

Until next time, ... when we’ll share more about the evolution to Intel Services.