API Traffic

Manage Your Traffic - Control traffic, security and response caching from a single, easy-to-understand dashboard

Mashery's API management platform offers a full array of deployment options:



Mashery API Distribution Network™ is an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure with global points of presence (POPs), dynamic scaling, and 24-hour monitoring and support.



Mashery Local is the same solution as cloud and  is fully integrated with Mashery API Control Center, the central dashboard for API policies, management, and reporting. 



Control all of your API traffic from Mashery API Control Center, a single integrated Web dashboard for access policy configuration, partner administration and reporting. 

Why cloud?

  • Lowest TCO
  • Fastest time to market
  • Focus on core competency

Why local?

  • Internal traffic situations
  • On-prem security & control
  • Removes network latency

Why hybrid?

  • Single pane of glass control
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Right tool for each use case

Manage all APIs from one place

Whether your APIs run in the cloud, on premises, or both, control and monitor them
securely with Mashery’s powerful, centralized “single pane of glass” interface.

API Traffic