API Management Products

Regardless of the scope of your API Management needs, we have the right product for you.

Mashery’s API Management platform is available in two different versions, characterized by the chart below. The version best suited for you will be dependent on the scope of the API Management solution that you require.

Mashery Enterprise - provides API management functionality across the entire range of the API lifecycle; including API creation, integration, packaging, partner management, gateway functionality and analytics.

Mashery API Management - this version of Mashery is best suited for situations where there is a need to manage APIs across all stages of the API lifecycle, except for API creation and integration.

Functional DescriptionMashery
Mashery API
Create REST or SOAP APIs 
Connect to Cloud or On-Premise Data 
Define API & Payload Transformations 
Specify Routing Rules 
Model API Choreography 
Support for API Composition 
Define API Packaging
On-Board and Manage Partners
Interactive API Documentation
Delegated Administration
Define Security and Operational Policies
Support for Geo-Caching
Cloud or Hybrid Gateway Option
PCI and HITRUST Security Compliance
OAuth and SSL Support
Out-of-the-box Analytics
Platform API for Interoperability