API Analytics

Effective and proven API Analytics tools that help you gain meaningful insight into your API traffic.

Every data-driven insight begins with a great question.

API Analytics

API Management with API Analytics empowers your staff with the tools needed to:
  • Identify key trends and behaviors that impact your business
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your API traffic
  • Track and communicate meaningful KPIs

Using our "Executive Summary" feature you can quickly share your
vision of the API program metrics and trends crafted for your executive
stakeholders and decision-makers.

Insights That Are Actionable
Analytics-driven data has the greatest value when it can be linked
to actions that improve the state of your API programs.

API Reporting Mashery makes data actionable by providing notifications for API traffic, events for API management actions, and an extensible event framework to support unique business requirements.

Analytics Visualization - Have it Your Way
Static dashboards and reporting are important tools to help you understand your API programs, but sometime you need something more flexible and dynamic. Something that can be customized on-the-fly.
To meet these needs, TIBCO Spotfire, an industry leading analytics
environment, can be used to provide extensive data visualization capabilities.
Mashery provides an API for access to reporting datasets and analytics, which
TIBCO Spotfire can directly ingest, combine it with monitoring data from
your backend infrastructure, and visualize.


API Analytics