The Solution for All API Programs

Which program best aligns to your business goals?

API management is the foundation for all API programs, and used within a private API strategy, it provides companies with a secure platform to manage and consume APIs:

  • Increase productivity through uniformity and accessibility of data
  • Develop better customer experiences faster, for mobile and web-based applications
  • Achieve real-time data exchange between platforms and applications
  • Enhance visibility into data consumption to optimize APIs

APIs are strategically important in business because they provide a managed access point to platform data that can be used to build new, innovative products and applications in a fraction of the time and cost that was previously required. But who should have access to such powerful tools? A company’s API business model should largely dictate which program is best suited to manage its valuable data and network resources.

Mashery offers the solution to support all API programs – internal employee programs enabling data sharing across resources and business applications, strategic partner programs that help onboard and allow key business data to be shared, customer programs that promote shared data, and public programs that allow for the open market to support a variety of business initiatives.

The restriction of API access to a curated audience, sometimes referred to as a private or closed program, is well suited for companies that want to closely control and influence how their data is used. Access to these programs is by invitation only and can include internal employees, strategic partners, and/or customers. Information about the program may or may not be made available to the general public. These programs constitute the vast majority of all API use, which is why they are also referred to as dark APIs.

Conversely, companies that choose to operate a public program, otherwise known as an open program, encourage third-party developers to register for API access with the goal of spurring innovative uses of their data and increasing long tail distribution.

There are many reasons why a company might choose to pursue a private API strategy over a public strategy. APIs are a source of competitive advantage, and some companies choose to keep their programs confidential in order to preserve their market position. Other companies are solely focused on delivering internal tools that enable developers to build innovative products and accelerate time to market. Still others need to provide strategic partners with secure access to their platform and have no desire to receive inbound requests for API access.

APIs serve as a conduit for the transfer of data, even if used exclusively within an organization, and can add much needed agility and flexibility to existing legacy systems. Exposing data within an enterprise can dramatically increase efficiency by centralizing and standardizing the way that data is leveraged and used across the company. No matter the strategy, companies need to provide structure, security, and scalability to their API program.

Check out our resources on API program types and contact us to learn how Mashery can help you to develop, manage, and optimize the program that best matches your business goals.

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