APIs with Mashery

Learn the basics of APIs & API Management
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The API has become a crucial part in online growth and organizations are taking advantage of API Management platforms to go to market faster with quality API portals, security, and infrastructure.  Learn the art of developing an effective API from the creator and leader in API Management. Below are some API resources to help get you started.

Top 5 Must-See Assets

For Business Executives

John Musser (API Science) explains the difference between an API strategy and a business model.
Ismail Elshareef (Edmunds) & Devon Biondi (Mashery) discuss the value behind Edmunds’ API program.
Chuck Freedman (Mashery) outlines important considerations when surfacing an API from your platform.

Top 5 Must-See Assets

For Tech Professionals

John Oberon (Mashery) shares what keeps an architect awake at night and how to uphold the security balance.
Rob Zazueta (Mashery) weighs in on two primary formats for exchanging data between servers and developers.
Rob Zazueta (Mashery) discusses the benefits to a RESTful architecture and contrasts it to other approaches.
John Oberon (Mashery) conveys our philosophy on security and why it extends beyond certifications.

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