Supercharging SOA with the Agility of API Management


Enterprises today have thousands of APIs being managed by Service Oriented Architecture software from players like IBM, SAP, Red Hat, and others. Typically, these are internally focused services that are shared to internal developers for application development. However, with the advent of the more agile API Management set of software tools, these same internal services can be shared more efficiently across internal developers.  In addition, enterprise security can be applied to share services as needed to partners, mobile or external developers. 

In this webinar, join Todd Cramer, as he discusses how these isolated internal APIs can be incorporated into the world of SaaS-based API management.  We will present various industry use cases to show specifically how companies have modernized SOA using API management.

You will learn:

  • 3 distinct lifecycles that require management: Service, API, and Developer Community
  • Natural integration points between SOA and API infrastructure
  • How to unify SOA and API program teams