Sharing the Wealth: APIs Empower Cross-Platform Reach for Businesses + Customers Alike


In today’s global village, businesses must be ready to scale with each new platform consumers add to their arsenal. ShareThis – whose mission it is to help customers ease some of these pains with leading social sharing technology – adopted cloud-based API management to improve delivery of its solution across mobile and other platforms, increasing stickiness with partners and facilitating further innovation. By using ShareThis’ APIs, ShareThis customer USA TODAY Sports is able to support its cross-platform content strategy by extending its brand reach and enabling user engagement while getting deep analytics and success metrics to boot.

ShareThis’ SVP of Publisher Platform, Paul Lentz, and USA TODAY Sports’ Product Director, Matt Harvey, discuss how equipping your API program with an API management layer can fuel synergies with customers and act as a catalyst for business growth and development on both sides.

This webinar covers:

  • How APIs can benefit businesses and customers in parallel by enhancing omnichannel presence and strengthening product
  • A real-life customer testimonial of how USA TODAY Sports’ digital and mobile strategy is fulfilled with ShareThis APIs
  • Best practices for implementing API management with quick time to market