The Next Era of API Management: Enabling the Enterprise for the Digital Revolution


As smart devices rapidly evolve into the Internet of Things, we find ourselves entering a new technological era, the Third Industrial Revolution.  In this new era of the digital business, enterprises must face the challenge of becoming hyper-connected. Enterprises can achieve this connectedness with APIs, but they must be mindful of how to manage them so they can continue to keep up with the pace of innovation. 

Join Gartner Research Vice President Paolo Malinverno and Intel Services Head of Product Chris Lippi as they discuss the future of the digital economy and the evolution of API management. You will hear Gartner’s predictions for the digital business and how to prevent the risk of being left behind in the API Economy. Intel Services will discuss how API management plays a critical role for the enterprise as they become hyper-connected.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why all businesses will be digital businesses by 2020
  • The role of social and mobile technologies in this new era
  • Key recommendations about what enterprises can do to become a key player in the digital economy
  • The critical components of API management that are necessary for success