Spinning Data Into Gold - David Frankel, EDGAR Online


About this video

David Frankel, President of Data & Analytics at EDGAR Online, discusses the evolution of the company’s data delivery platform and the modernization of their API program to better align with business goals. Frankel details EDGAR Online’s strategic approach to leveraging the platform as a primary driver of growth for the company. He stresses the importance of making it simple both for clients to access data and for the company to modify the amount of data that’s exposed to any given client.

Key Points

  • How APIs are important in helping to compete against large, entrenched incumbents
  • Why use one set of APIs for both internal and external developers
  • Learn six lessons to a successful API program

“I’ve got non-category developers and category developers. I’ve got to be ready to serve those people, have the right documentation, be able to allow them to have a good customer experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re at Yahoo! Finance or if you’re a startup. I want you to have the same experience. A lot more involved than we thought. So it requires a lot of coordination amongst all the groups when it comes to releasing your API.”

- David Frankel, President of Data & Analytics