Reinventing the Establishment - Joshua Greenough, Capital One


About this video

Joshua Greenough, Senior Director of Innovation of Capital One Labs, discusses how the company overcame identity, security and regulatory issues to embrace a digital transformation. Greenough outlines how APIs help to foster innovation inside Capital One and articulates the various motivations behind the decision to deploy an API program. He also describes the company’s methodology and goals in each phase of deployment and utilization.

Key Points

  • The importance of exposing meaningful data to developers
  • Why APIs need a community that engages developers, supports users and fosters innovation
  • Reasons to address why and how an API program will be successful before defining what it aims to accomplish

“This is that disruption that everyone is talking about. It’s coming to us. We need to be fighting it where our customers are. And APIs are a way for us to push out and get involved with where our customers are. Meet our customers anywhere that they are.”

- Joshua Greenough, Senior Director of Innovation