Navigating a Path to New Products - Peter Moeykens, TomTom


About this video

Peter Moeykens, Technical Fellow at TomTom, discusses how the company leveraged APIs to sell an existing product through a new distribution channel and offers several lessons learned throughout the process. Moeykens describes how the company took the API from initial thought to conception in eight months and how treating the API like a product helped them quickly build a community of 3,000 developers shortly after launch. He also answers questions on training a non-technical sales team to sell an API and offering a single fixed price to all customers.

Key Points

  • How to avoid early infrastructure challenges
  • The importance of a standard licensing and billing model
  • Why you should involve your engineers in the development of your API

“You probably have something that would make a perfect API, and the idea is to think about what you do on a day-to-day basis, think about your company’s expertise, and how you can then offer that to the world as an API because with today’s technology it’s easier than ever.”

- Peter Moeykens, Technical Fellow