Managed Partnerships in the Cloud Era - David Bloom,


About this video

David Bloom, CEO of, discusses the elements to a successful business partnership and the rationale behind his company’s decision to build their offering around a set of APIs. Bloom calls on his extensive business development experience at both large and small companies to share insights and best practices around APIs. He explains how APIs require a chance in business practice that can increase the chance of a successful partnership.

Key Points

  • What is the appropriate value exchange between an API provider and consumer
  • Why companies need to give up some measure of control, embrace a shift in cultural and management and adopt an organizational thought process around their API in order to be successful
  • How an API program can bring new customers, channels, monetization and positioning opportunities that extend beyond the normal distribution of the bell curve

“The reason why I’m so excited and enthusiastic about conferences like this, and why I actually built my entire business around APIs, is because I fundamentally believe that APIs are the greatest advance in the art of business development that I have ever seen.”

- David Bloom, CEO