Finding the Unmarked Trail - David McCandless, Author


About this video

David McCandless, author of Information is Beautiful, discusses his work as a data journalist and information designer creating graphical images that are easier for consumers to process than raw data. McCandless reveals his process for getting insights from underlying data, and he encourages people to normalize data before making any interpretations because absolute values are not always as they appear.

Key Points

  • The importance of normalizing data prior to interpretation
  • When to use different methods for gathering data, such as APIs versus screen scraping
  • Why visualization of data can be so powerful

“We’re in this connected world now. It’s no longer possible to take a single data set and claim truth or it’s a single data point even and claim truth. It has to be connected to other data to be true, to be truer. And we can take this material, this data, and grind it up to create a lens so we can see the world in sharper focus, with more clarity.” 

- David McCandless, author