Creating Success / APIs Changing Business - Kevin Flowers, Coca-Cola Enterprises


About this video

Kevin Flowers, CTO of Coca-Cola Enterprises, discusses how the business successfully overcame barriers to deploying APIs in an enterprise environment and offers insights on how best to advance an API strategy. Flowers highlights the various business functions that use dozens of internal APIs to quickly develop innovative and dynamic solutions for business users and customers alike. Despite a limited number of public APIs, Flowers mentions the value of information transparency and conveys its importance to retaining API support within an enterprise.

Key Points

  • How to convey your API strategy to address department-level concerns 
  • How can you leverage legacy enterprise systems with your API initiative
  • How to create momentum and synergy behind your APIs
  • Recommendations to developing API strategy

“Our entire operations are now impacted by successful APIs. We’re an operations company. We run distribution, manufacturing, sales – so those operations, everything from procurement to our customer engagement programs, or supply chain, everything now has APIs enabling it. And I think that’s a really important point because we’re not a dot-com.”

- Kevin Flowers, CTO