Building Apps That Change the World - Paull Young, charity: water


About this video

Paull Young, Director of Digital at charity: water, discusses how the organization is revolutionizing the way nonprofits engage with potential donors by finding ways to unlock and present data in inspiring ways. Young discusses how charity: water’s proprietary platform enabled the company to raise over $100 million in online donations, and he mentions how the organization hopes to further leverage data in the future to empower partners and donors.

Key Points

  • Why data is helping to facilitate change in the nonprofit sector
  • How building a proprietary back-end system provides visibility and eases web integration

“Water points around the world break. No one has found a great solution yet. There are some really bad stats out there about the sustainability of water points, and it’s our biggest challenge. But, data can be the key to us solving that problem – not just for us but for the entire sector, and then hopefully other sectors.”

- Paull Young, Director of Digital