The Borderless Business: APIs for Global Expansion - Linda Kozlowski, Evernote


About this video

Linda Kozlowski, VP of International Marketing at Evernote, discusses how her company heavily leverages APIs to build its products and engage the global community. Kozlowski credits Evernote’s robust API with the company’s ability to quickly expand internationally. Furthermore, she describes the advantages of having one API that is used internally and shared with the developer community. The company can attribute its API strategy to significant product development, acquisitions and revenue streams.

Key Points

  • Why the company’s core set of products are all built using APIs
  • Benefits to having one API that is used by internal developers and the outside developer community
  • How to best engage with a global outside developer community
  • Users from third-party applications built using the API are more valuable than other users

“As far as engaging the global community, we currently have between 15-20 global developer events per year. They could be hackathons; they could be coaching sessions; they could be web chats with our development team. We have a full program reaching in all different countries to directly engage with the developer community and help them build the applications that run off of our platform.”

- Linda Kozlowski, VP of International Marketing