APIs Enabling the Internet of Everything - Sal Visca, Elastic Path


About this video

Sal Visca, CTO of Elastic Path, discusses how to build intelligent, context relevant APIs that developers will want to use. Visca explains how Elastic Path has developed an API that acts as a façade across the company's technology stack that interacts with the end-user's application and understands the context of their actions. He outlines how a properly architected API layer can enable fast innovation and access an increasing number of Internet-enabled devices.

Key Points

  • How APIs enable companies to foster and propel internal innovation, decouple touchpoints from complex processes and encourage scalability across devices and applications
  • The importance of monitoring your API in order to learn how user interact with your system
  • What are the differences between APIs intended for application integration versus those intended for highly fluid, constantly changing environments
  • Marketing and IT teams must work together to ensure your API will allow you to innovate and scale your digital experience across emerging touchpoints

"We took an approach of API first. We ripped the head off of our technology stack, so instead of having a well defined user interface structured on top of the underlying technology stack, we pulled that off recognizing that the product is going to be driven by APIs."

- Sal Visca, CTO