Service Provider

The right call to optimizing and extending your business

Communications service providers (CSPs) are instrumental to a global, ubiquitous communication network, and in today’s world of declining voice and messaging revenues and “Over-the-Top” services delivered by large Internet and device players, CSPs have begun to extend their business model to take advantage of this shift. A large area of opportunity for CSPs is to securely and selectively open their highly coveted assets—communications, context, commerce, and control—to external businesses, partners, and developers as easy-to-consume, web-based APIs.

APIs enable telecommunications providers to benefit from a wide range of capabilities, from exposing network assets to optimizing operations. API-powered solutions enable CSPs to act with the agility and speed of web-based companies while maximizing their existing investments and unique assets.

With an API management and monetization platform, API services can be quickly created and launched to support a wide range of consumers and functions. These services can be deployed by network operators (mobile, fixed, cable, and MSO) or cross-network service cloud service providers, enabling companies to offer their Network-as-a-Service to businesses, enterprise solution providers, Web/OTT players, app developers, and content providers.

The use of APIs is fundamental to the extension of communications platforms for web and mobile applications:

  • Offer communications, context, commerce, and control features using cloud-based APIs
  • Attract and collaborate with partners
  • Manage end-user consent, authorization, and privacy
  • Offer enhanced mobile cloud solutions to customers
  • Leverage IP-based platform investments to create a carrier-grade environment for the creation and execution of apps and services
  • Support application that bridge legacy circuit-switched and modern IP-centric networks



Service Provider