Turbocharge Your Mobile Strategy with APIs

7 Steps to a Successful API Program


Are you talking mobile apps and partnerships?  
Then you’re talking APIs. 

Is your IT shop flooded with requests to support new mobile apps and strategic partnerships?
If so, experts agree it’s time to invest in a secure, flexible Web API, or application programming interface. APIs are at the center of what Gartner calls the new “extensible enterprise.” 

But how to build a robust, scalable API program? 
In this white paper, Mashery— the leading API management solution for over 150 top enterprises including Best Buy, Netflix, Expedia, ESPN, and The New York Times — shares lessons learned about deploying and managing successful enterprise APIs. 

Key Points:

  • Tailor APIs for mobile devices
  • Leverage the cloud for fast, reliable API delivery
  • Empower affiliates and distributors to include your content in their own mobile apps