Navigating New Digital Channels for Publishers and Media Providers

5 Tips to go from Bookstore to App Store


Download the full white paper here -  Bookstore to App Store.pdf

In recent years, ubiquitous connectivity has created a generation of consumers demanding access to any content at any time. While the impact on formats to support myriad devices has not been insignificant, the shift in channels and distribution methods has been downright explosive - a splintering of once predictable channels splintering like a series of fireworks proliferating into a showering of ignitable embers.

Hurried commuters checking local weather on an iPhone app, delayed travelers downloading an eBook just paces away from the airport bookstore, mystery buffs consulting with a book store employee before filling up an eBook with the latest titles, students reading text books on tablets, and newspapers coming to life with relevant headlines, sports scores and weather based on location - all examples of viable digital channels.