Whit.Li: Launching an API from Zero to 60 in 60 Days


About this video

Andi Gillentine, COO of Whit.li, explains how a company with its product offering only available through APIs was able to create a platform and successfully go to market quickly. Gillentine discusses how Whit.li engaged the developer community and put developer outreach at the forefront of its business model to drive sign-ups and adoption of its APIs. 

Key Points

  • Understand how a company can successfully offer products exclusively via APIs
  • Learn the API management tools essential for quick-to-market integration
  • See how a small company can dedicate the personnel and support necessary for effective and beneficial developer outreach and engagement

"Our developer outreach has been tremendously successful in getting people from the point of signing up for our API to actually using our API."

- Andi Gillentine, COO