USA Today: Pivoting to Stay Ahead of an Unpredictable Business


About this video

Erik Bursch, Director of Operations and Content Systems at USA Today, describes how a traditional newspaper was able to transform into a full-fledged digital content and data resource by implementing a successful API strategy. Bursch details the pain points associated with adopting a cloud-based API platform and how it utilized strategic partners to streamline the process.

Key Points

  • How to streamline the process of converting from an outdated CMS with meta data to a strategic API platform on the front and back ends
  • Why APIs provide necessary adaptability in today’s ever-changing digital world
  • See how traditional content and data can be monetized using various business models
  • How planning, reporting, and partner management are key components to making the transition to a successful API strategy

"We're able to give people content via our API and allow them to slice and dice it and really understand what we have to offer immediately."

- Erik Bursch, Director, Operations and Content Systems