Twitter: Fireside Chat with Ryan Sarver


About this video

Ryan Sarver is a Director of Platform for Twitter. During this fireside chat, he talks about why the Twitter API is valuable, in helping the company distribute content and extend its reach to third party developers and entrepreneurs.

Key Points

  • Opportunities for developers creating on the Twitter API include curation, analytics and content distribution.
  • You don’t need a big group to manage a developer ecosystem - Twitter has three developer advocates.
  • APIs are enabling a myriad of ways people can get content in the system

"We do about 15 billion API requests per day. And for us, that’s a massive cost center because each of those aren’t actually being paid for. But, it’s a cost that we want to invest in and we look at it as kind of a long term play for the value that ends up delivering to users."

- Ryan Sarver, Director of Platform, Twitter