Press Association: Content APIs for Rapid and Temporary Scalability


About this video

John O’Donovan, Director of Architecture and Development at Press Association, discusses how one of the largest media content services uses APIs to distribute smart content to big media companies via the cloud. O’Donovan offers best practices on scaling your API to handle big data and manage peaks of high traffic.

Key Points

  • Understand how APIs help distribute various types of content in both B2B and B2C models
  • Learn about the tools that can help you analyze the value of content and understand how best to use it
  • Best practices on how to control your costs as you scale your API
  • Why pushing your data into the cloud allows for greater scale and volume of your API offerings across consumers

"One of the key values of an API is being able to make something quite complicated look quite simple to the consumer." 

- John O'Donovan, Director of Architecture and Development