How Social Data Will Change Our Decisions - Chris Moody, Gnip


About this video

Chris Moody, CEO of Gnip, discusses the impact that social data has on making more informed business decisions across a variety of industries and functions. Moody explains how businesses that reach scale can impact the world with the right API strategy while simultaneously creating positive second-order effects that further drive business growth.

Key Points

  • How to obtain the appropriate mix of data to make more informed business decisions
  • When is it more appropriate to analyze historical data over current information
  • Using third-party data as new lens on existing business processes to extract new insights

“Twitter recognized that their public APIs, which were generally built for cool consumer use cases, were very different than this whole other spectrum of needs that big companies and corporations and brands all over the world needed which was this high fidelity, full coverage experience with their data.”

- Chris Moody, CEO