How to Make Data Matter to Your Business - Christian Rudder, OKCupid


About this video

Christian Rudder, co-founder and President of OKCupid, discusses the company’s recent decision to deploy an API after foregoing one since the company was founded in 2003. Rudder describes how opening OKCupid’s platform will meet the requests of academics and other third-parties that want to analyze the underlying data without overtaxing the company’s limited resources.

Key Points

  • How an API can simplify access to layered databases that aren’t optimized for ease of use
  • Why it finally made sense for the company to open their platform
  • Reasons the company anticipates their API will increase brand awareness and user signups

“[An API] is a way to multiply the power of our data, since we don’t have time to do it ourselves.”

- Christian Rudder, Co-founder and President