Finding the Unmarked Trail: The Opportunity in Data - Eric Rodenbeck, Stamen Design


About this video

Eric Rodenbeck, CEO and Creative Director of Stamen Design, discusses how his company analyzes client data to identify underlying patterns and relationships. Rodenbeck explains how a visual representation of data often spawns new questions, from which the answers can provide new insights and changes in business practice. Data rich APIs are enabling easier access to platform data, thereby accelerating a re-shift toward holistic and qualitative analysis.

Key Points

  • How to use APIs to catch change as it happens and display the data so it’s visually apparent
  • Considerations for designing a useful API
  • Using APIs to create both answer and question-making interfaces

“The fun part for me is that APIs have been around long enough that they’re maturing into this sense of a medium. That it’s not just a question of efficiency and rigor, but it can also enable a new kind of conversation.”

- Eric Rodenbeck, CEO and Creative Director