Creating a Single Pane of Glass: Centralized API Architecture - Andy Lloyd, NetSuite


About this video

Andy Lloyd, GM of Commerce Products at NetSuite, discusses how companies can increase operational efficiency and improve customer experiences by building commerce systems directly on top of their cloud-based ERP system. Lloyd further explains that NetSuite APIs enable seamless customer centralization in a rapidly evolving industry that still relies heavily on legacy systems and point-to-point integrations. He stresses that companies need to utilize multiple data sources to stay ahead of the curve.

Key Points

  • How to prepare your platform for the next business critical innovation
  • What are the pillars of omni-channel commerce and the supporting IT infrastructure
  • Key considerations for delivering on customer commerce

“Start making plans today for how you’re going to support your customers and your business users in the long haul, even if they are not necessarily coming to you and asking for this by getting a handle on your APIs and building your business on top of a single system.”

- Andy Lloyd, GM of Commerce Products