API University: Strategies that Achieve Platform Business Goals


About this video

Chuck Freedman, Director of Strategic Services at Mashery, discusses how to take a strategic approach to planning and launching APIs. Freedman offers clear steps to developing an effective strategy tailored to your platform business goals that will improve the success of your platform at any stage.

Key Points

  • Understand why it is necessary to establish your platform goals, maintain internal buy-in, and understand the API landscape before developing your platform strategy
  • Learn multiple approaches to engaging, retaining, and managing partners, depending on your business goals through practical examples
  • How to tailor and prepare your portal to ease the onboarding process and fuel your API's success

"After you talk to a partner with an open API and an app, bring that group in-house. Have them present, especially to your engineering team, so they can put a face on who's actually working with that API."

- Chuck Freedman, Director of Strategic Services at Intel Services