API University: Generating Developer Interest and Activity


About this video

Neil Mansilla, former Director of Developer Platform at Intel Services, outlines seven fundamental steps to enacting a robust and streamlined developer outreach program in order to leverage your API and make it successful.

Key points

  • Learn the basic mission and tenets of developer outreach and how it benefits your API strategy
  • How to prepare for and showcase increased developer activity
  • Discover the tools and programs you can use to streamline documentation and the importance of I/O docs, which will enable developers and ultimately, your API
  • Understand the importance of the developer community to your API strategy and how you can best engage and communicate with it

"If you think the people consuming your data or services are just like you or your internal developers, that's not true. A lot of them look at your data completely sideways, and they'll think of using it differently than you do, which is a good thing."

- Neil Mansilla, Director of Developer Platform