Foundation for API Management & Security


About this video

Shailendra Gupta, Director of Platform Services at Intel Services, explains the fundamentals of how to manage your API platform as it is deployed, including definitions and tips on lifecycle management, caching, and scaling. Gupta also discusses options for security that can be tailored to your business needs.

Key Points

  • Understand how to manage the lifecycle of an evolving API with scaling and communication best practices
  • Discover how to control the use and access of your API, plan for security breaches, and handle threats to your API's security with solutions based on your company's business needs
  • How to use the data from your APIs to drive business and innovation discussions, and to help operationalize and externalize your platform
  • Learn the importance of integrating a tailored communications plan, feedback tools, and basic customer service principles into your platform strategy to engage with stakeholders and build a successful API program

"Your product is going to evolve over time. You don't have to get it right just out the gate. What is important is the feedback process and continuing to evolve that product."

- Shailendra Gupta, Director of Platform Services