Mashery Product Overview


Download the full data sheet here -  Mashery Product Overview.pdf

Ever thrown a dinner party? You worry about people not showing up, you worry about not having the right amount of food, and then, of course, you want to make sure you remember who did show up and what happened. Believe it or not, it is a lot like executing an API strategy. You need to attract developers to come to your API party, you need to manage API calls once the apps accessing it are live and, of course, you want to know who showed up and what happened.

Developer Portal

Mashery’s SaaS based API Management Solution provides all the technology required to execute upon your API program. Designed using best practices from over a 150 leading APIs, the Mashery powered Developer Portal provides you with your own customized portal for attracting and supporting developers. Here, developers can register for an API key, access supporting materials like sample code or applications and participate in interactive forums.  The developer portal includes:

  • Custom branded portal powered by Mashery
  • Self-service developer registration, key sign up and account management
  • API Access Tiers for different levels of service depending on developer class
  • Interactive API documentation, from which developers can execute live API calls
  • Community management tools - blog, App Gallery, sample code, and moderation tools
  • Complete admin control for content, moderation, user management, and notifications
  • Portal functionality also available as an API (of course!)

API Management Console and Proxy

The API Management Console and Proxy give you the tools to fully control your API once it is live. The proxy acts as an information highway ‘traffic cop’ ensuring that your servers remain protected against unauthorized traffic and overload. In addition, tools allow for front end management of your API, keeping you in complete control of your assets. The API Management Console and Proxy includes:

  • Security - identification, authentication, and access based on key
  • Full OAuth support
  • Traffic control - limits or blocks traffic based on key, geography, TOS, or timing
  • Packager- easily create and manage custom content and data packages with point-and-click functionality
  • Manage rate limits based on API, methods, Developer Class, or specific API Key
  • Multiple protocol support (XML RPC, REST, SOAP, JSON RPC, and JSONP)
  • API performance optimization - global caching with geo-routing
  • Scalability - capacity automatically adjusts to rate of calls
  • Content filtering
  • Throttle limit notifications to developer and administrator

API Measurement and Reporting

API Measurement and Reporting gives you the insight - at both a business and technical level - to know what’s working, what’s not and how your API program measures up against objectives. Reporting and analytics are easily accessible on your Mashery powered portal and via our robust set of reporting APIs.  ​ API Measurement and Reporting includes:

  • API uptime and performance
  • Reports by method, service, developer, group etc.
  • API Activity reports - volume, success rates etc.
  • Operational reports - latency, performance, errors, time outs, security violations
  • Trending
  • Admin reports
  • Developer reports - visibility for developer partners
  • Neartime access or delivered via daily log