Mashery Operational Expertise


Download the full data sheet here -  Mashery Operational Expertise.pdf

Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” We at Mashery have been in the business of APIs since before there was a business of APIs - or at least a widespread one. Having launched over 150 API programs, our team brings a wealth of experience to each and every engagement - precisely the knowledge you need for assured success. Like any new business initiative, your API program requires careful attention to the components required for successful execution. Our team partners with you in planning, launch, ongoing operations and future growth of your API program.

Pre-Launch Planning

Our technical services team works with you to determine the optimal infrastructure required for success with your API program. Our multi-tenant SaaS based solution, with the added option of Mashery Local, means you launch more rapidly and with less effort. The Mashery technical planning process assures you have all pieces ready and in place prior to launching your API program.

  • Proven methodology to understand customer needs and apply to Mashery solution
  • Configuration and customization of portal and proxy
  • Project management and training

API Quality and Availability

Mashery’s industry leading product and team ensures top quality operations of your API, keeping you up and available while optimizing response times.

  • Continuous monitoring and quick response to quality issues, such as elevated error rates and latency
  • Capacity management
  • Increased reliability and availability
  • Performance acceleration
  • Content caching
  • Protocol translation


The Mashery proxy serves as a protective shell between outside traffic and your API. Mashery acts as a frontline of access for all API calls ensuring your backend systems stay secure, free from irrelevant traffic and free from overload.

  • Key-based security and validation
  • Access tiers for content security and/or monitoring
  • Protection from specific traffic sources (ie. geography or specific IPs)
  • Full protection of API servers from malicious traffic or Denial of Service attacks
  • Support of SSL & encryption
  • OAuth accelerator - Mashery token management reduces backend processing

Error Resolution

As a managed service customer support team, Mashery acts as a true extension of your IT department. Our insight into each and every API call means we are on the front lines responding rapidly to any issues, reacting quickly and effectively.

  • Active monitoring tools with 24/7 monitoring and support of direct API as well as backend
  • Backend tools for proactive client notification
  • Premium service with custom monitoring tools


As the service behind some of the most highly trafficked APIs on the internet, Mashery knows how to help you scale in your API efforts. Our cloud based infrastructure means you can scale instantaneously without dependence on additional hardware or customization. Additionally, having worked to scale dozens of APIs from test phase to success, our team can help you plan and provision in alignment with measurable traffic and business objectives.

  • Cloud based infrastructure allows for elastic scalability
  • Capacity planning spread through multi-NOC global network
  • Solution architected for horizontal scaling
  • Consultation on planning for backend scaling