Mashery Local


Download the full data sheet here -  Mashery Local.pdf

On-premise API Management 

Welcome to the on-premise version of Mashery’s industry-leading API management solution.  Mashery Local enables enterprises taking an on-premise API platform approach to quickly manage APIs as products, onboard partners and developers, have a faster time to market for partnerships and new business channels. Mashery’s on-premise solution is the same trusted API traffic manager that handles billions of API calls for Mashery customers, now in your own data center.

Best of all, Mashery Local is fully integrated with Mashery’s Control Center so you can manage your APIs whether they are running on-premise, in the cloud, or both.


  • A virtual appliance
  • Easily downloadable
  • Up and running in an afternoon
  • Licensed on a monthly subscription based on number of cluster instances
  • API Packager is the first business-side tool that allows you to create new API products with unique access controls
  • Adapter SDK lets you write your own adapters for custom logic or create integrations with existing IT infrastructure such as identity management and entitlement systems
  • More monitoring points for JMX-based systems monitoring tools to better understand the health of applications and manage availability.